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Purchasing an investment property is your step to build your asset net worth. Whether this is your first purchase, or you are an experienced investor, this decision must be made carefully

Step 1: Hire us as your buyer agent

LG Property Solution is about providing Access, Research, and Risk Management to our investors when buying your investment property.


We believe purchasing off-market properties provides the most value for our clients since we are dealing with potential sellers directly. Our approach is to avoid engaging in price wars with other buyers for the same listed property. Off-market properties are sourced from our extensive industry relationships with our direct marketing with real estate investors, our sourcing website, social media, and other exchanges.


We provide not only brokerage services but also provide consulting services on deep dive property research, guidance, risk mitigation strategies and analytics to help clients prosper whether they are doing first deal or is an seasoned investor.

Risk Management:

LG Property Solution employs a comprehensive risk management oversight to mitigate inherent risks within the investments. We will recommend services for clients for appraisal, our own internal valuation services, environmental mitigation(tank sweep, phase I), property insurance when is required or recommended.