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CFA, ASA (Marketing, Research)

Calvin is responsible for overseeing all aspects functions for LG Property Solution. Calvin has previously worked an investment actuary focusing on managing investment risks for  insurance. He holds a real estate license and is an expert in property valuation and have great abilities in identifying real estate trend. He has done a number of successful real estate projects through increasing property value in rental properties and as well building new construction homes for clients. Calvin holds a applied physics B.S. degree from Columbia University, as well building new construction for clients.

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CFA (Marketing, Research)
Darren is responsible for implementing marketing plan for investment properties and identify investment opportunities. His robust experience in Financial Risk Management and deep understanding of the New Jersey real estate market.... Read More
Building and Interior Design, Construction Management

Ye has responsible for managing construction projects in various construction projects from duplex construction to multifamily/commerical construction. Ye also holds an interior designer from an accredited institution and has identified key issues in existing projects and proposed various critical designing elements in value-add projects.

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Client Relations, Property/Construction Management

Bruce’s story began in property restoration for the US Department of the Interior. As a former Park Ranger, Bruce turn dilapidated historical properties into tourist destinations for historical learning. Acquiring skills from contractor management and community development to red tape busting and financial accountability, Bruce turn his skills toward real estate investing.

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Tonny developed and maintained client-side applications. He also developed and maintained data mining and analysis tools for using python and SQL.

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